The First Coloured Hair Olympics

The First Coloured Hair Olympics

In major sporting events such as Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Asian games, FIFA football world cup medals, trophies and cups are given with huge prize money. The small sporting events with low budget celebrate the success of players and sport’s spirit with cheap medals and small prizes. Small organizations such as different local sports associations and academic institutes make use of these medals. Most commonly the medals are 50 mm in diameter and 3mm of thick. These medals will lend your small events, the spirit of big sporting events and will infuse sportsman spirit in the athletes.

After two decades Summer Olympics comes back to Asia in August 2008, at Beijing the National Capital of China. Apart from Beijing 2008, only two other Asian cities : Tokyo 1964 ( Japan) and Seoul 1988 ( South Korea) have been host to Olympics. This years 16 days Summer Olympic will start on October 8th and end on October 24th. Almost all member countries of the Olympic Movement will be participating in 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Rafael Nadal (Tennis/ Spain):The 22 year old is one of the greatest tennis players in history. He became the first Spanish to win the gold medal in Olympic tennis. Spain’s Rafael Nadal defeated Chile’s Fernando Gonzalez, who won the bronze medal in the men’s singles tennis tournament at the 2004 Olympics in Athens (Greece). In 2008, Rafael has also won the French Open and Wimbledon Tournament. Like most Spaniards, Rafael Nadal player football (soccer) as a youngster. “I carried on playing football as well as tennis, but slowly played more and more tennis with my uncle, says Nadal. But I still preferred football.That was my real love when I was a young boy”. In addition to his native language, he speaks English only well enough to carry on an informal conversation. He says: “Sorry my English not so good. I only speak quarter of English. Maybe quarter of a quarter.Not good.” .The world’s number one tennis player Rafael Nadal was born on June 3, 1986 in Manocor, Mallorca (Spain).

Soccer was statement ahead of time the Olympics program guide from the event nevertheless there endure been some sources which believe that an Olympic match was had in the course of the opening Olympic Games.In 1900 Soccer was required less than the Olympics.Although there endure been soccer games through each and every Summer Games FIFA does remark welcome or understand soccer as an police officer Olympic recreation military today.The preliminary perfect fight was scientific via the Football Association beneath the London Games of 190

To make sure that London puts up the most spectacular show for the world this summer, organizers are busy in construction of city, remodeling of hotels, enhancements of facilities and arrangements for transportation and accommodation. The preparations are continuing at a fast pace to make 2012 London Olympics the best ever in history.

Just a week to go, the Olympic flames at London will extinguish. London Olympics 2012, the great sporting event that excited billions of fans around the globe has a few hours left to live out its Olympic life. The event will be concluded on 12th August 2012 by passing the Olympic flag to Rio de Janeiro, the host city of the 2016 Olympics. Being a part of the Olympics is an extravaganza not to be forgotten. The greatest athletes, more intense competition and perhaps the most beautiful city; London Olympics 2012 will be a memory for a lifetime. Now after the great gala, it is time for post Olympic plans. Let’s check out some destinations in the UK where you must stop and relax and do nothing!