Towing Services Near Me Louisville Saves The Day For Sports Fans

Olympic Institute Limousines is famous for providing luxurious pick-up and delivery services for sports fans throughout Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and beyond.

And there is no bigger day of the year for us than the running of the Kentucky Derby.

This last May, race day came around and we had our fleet ready. It can be a daunting job to schedule all the cars and routes.

Some folks come to town a day early and stay in downtown hotels. They just want rides from places like the Four Points Sheridan or the Crowne Plaza to the racetrack, a quick run.

Still others fly into SDF the morning of the race and plan on leaving that night. Depending on the traffic, there are several routes we can use to get from the airport to Churchill Downs. Any kind of breakdown or delay represents a first-class disaster.

Just such a thing happened that morning when one of our fleet drivers got a blowout on the perimeter road on his way to the airport. Changing a tire on a limousine is not for the faint of heart. It is a tricky matter and requires special tools.

That’s why we were so lucky to have Googled “Towing Services Near Me” and discovered who else but Towing Services Near Me Louisville themselves.

A Rapid Dispatch

The Dispatchers at Towing Services Near Me Louisville asked a few quick questions, identified the length and the weight of our vehicle and determined our precise location.

Unbelievably, the tow truck pulled up before we were even off the phone with the dispatcher! Towing Services Near Me Louisville seems to have a unique way of getting just the right truck to any given assignment.

Their remarkable flatbed hoisted our limo up in no time flat and soon, we were on the way to the shop.

Back at our home base, we called in to Louisville International Airport to check on the arrival status of the clients plane. It turned out that the plane arrival time was being delayed by about twenty minutes. What a miracle!

Quick Turnaround

 It turns out that Towing Services Near Me Louisville drivers are already trained and carry the special tools needed for performing certain tire changes on difficult vehicles like limos and RV’s.

This particular blowout appeared to require replacing the tire and the good folks at Towing Services Near Me Louisville knew just what to do. That vehicle was up on a lift and the tire was swapped out in record time!

We were prepared to juggle our pick-up schedules with some of the other cars in our fleet to keep our customers happy but because of the incredibly fast work of Towing Services Near Me Louisville and the plane’s arrival delay, it wasn’t necessary. Our Kentucky Derby day went off without any problems that couldn’t be resolved and all of our customers were happy.

Friends For Life

Since that fateful day when Towing Services Near Me Louisville helped save our company’s reputation, they have become our go-to towing service and we use them for everything.

Yes, that even includes when somebody driving our town car accidentally locks the keys inside. Even our employees use Towing Services Near Me Louisville for things like towing their project cars, junk car removal and tire changes.